A Guide for Kung Fu Schools – How to Pick the School That Is Right for You

A Guide for Kung Fu Schools – How to Pick the School That Is Right for You

What is the best place to train Kung Fu? Whether you are interested in training or you are a parent signing up your child in Kungfu class, the basic principles in choosing Kungfu School are the same. Kung fu schools are different from dojos. You may end up enrolling at a karate dojo, and end up learning karate instead of kung fu. When choosing a kung fu school, choose one that has a reputation for good students.

Like any other school, a good kung fu school or martial arts academy builds its reputation based on the skills of its students. It’s important that you pick one that’s right for your needs and personality. Nowadays, you can find many different types of Kungfu or Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) being taught and each school has its own mood. Here are a number of the criteria you must use when choosing a Kungfu class.

  1. How far away is the school?

The best school in the world won’t do you any good if it is too far away for you to make classes regularly. In today’s world, many people are too busy to devote more than 30-60-minutes to an activity for any length. So, you should do your time table, before enrolling in a class far from you.

  1. What style of Kungu should I choose?

This answer here depends on what your goals are. If you just want a little light recreation, or if you don’t care at all about improving your self-confidence, self-defense, and things of this sort but only want a cardio alternative. So, it all depends on you.

  1. Payments

Do you have to make any payments up fronts? Some schools group prices in one price, while some split it up the cost between “living expense” and “tuition”. What kind of refund will they provide (if you needed one)? How is the school managed overall? So read about other students experience to get a good feel for the school.

  1. Is the school clean?

This is an important one. You might contact staph and other nasty things in a dirty gym that you won’t find out about. A good gym however makes sure their equipment sanitized on a regular basis. Sometimes looking around will unveil many things you need. This doesn’t mean that the school has to be clean as snow, a little dust wont hurt anything.

  1. Atmosphere

What is the atmosphere of the school like? What are the attitudes of the students? Do the classes start on time? Is it organized and disciplined? Contacting with the school is the best way to know. Or do they respond quickly and answer your questions? What is the surrounding area like? The more questions and research you do before going, the better your experience will be.

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Why Martial Arts are So Popular

Why Martial Arts are So Popular

What’s behind the increasing and continuous popularity of martial arts?

It is not a secret that the world today is already filled with all forms of negativity and threats that loom large no matter where you go. Several decades ago, the planet was so much safer than it is right now. People can confidently go out at night with no need to worry about getting attacked in a dark alley, or falling prey to people with bad intentions. But, times have indeed changed, and today, people need to watch their backs at all times when they are out and about.

Times have definitely gotten worse that more and more schools have already made it mandatory to introduce specific classes which can help children in protecting themselves even when they are on their own. However, security threats are not just aimed at kids because even adults tend to be prone to attacks. If you lack the sufficient capability for protecting yourself and your whole family, it can be very hard for you to sustain and survive in this world. You have to learn some forms of self defense, be fit, and do something that can make your way of life easier and safer.

This is probably the number one reason why martial arts are considered as a wonderful way of shielding yourself from all forms of outside threats.

So, what explains the popularity of martial arts?

  • Safety – First of all, if you have the capacity to protect yourself, there is no reason for you not to stay safe no matter what forms of threats come your way. You can even walk alone even when it is late at night with no need to feel anxious because you know that there is something you can do to counter any threats.
  • Physicality – When you train hard in self defense methods, this is bound to be evident in your physical body. You can become fitter and develop more muscles.
  • Self confidence – if you are aware of the ways on how you can fully defend yourself, this will also help build up your self confidence. For women in particular, when they know how to tackle their attackers, they will feel more comfortable as they explore and wander in the streets without any kinds of worries or problems.
  • Combat skills – Imagine getting into a fight, and the people easily overpower you. What can you do? Will you just get yourself beaten up? When you take martial arts training, you will be knowledgeable about some combat skills which can definitely help you a lot.
  • Awareness – If you take martial arts training for a certain period of time, you will also learn and discover how you can become more aware of your surroundings. Should there be some abnormal activities that happen out there, it will be easier for you to ascertain them and do the necessary measures.
  • Positive influence – Martial arts training can have a very big positive impact in your life. This can boost your spirits and improve your social skills to a higher extent.